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Social Care Suite

Social Care Simplified

Gives time back to social care workers through efficient and accurate work with the power of Generative AI.


Social Care Autofill

Save time and reduce admin work by getting pre-populated assessment templates.


Self-Assessment Chatbot

Improve the front-door experience for citizens with GenAI chatbot.


Social Care Plan Generation

Ensure equal access for citizens to their social care services.


Experience the Future of Business Automation

80% time saved  

From 150 large meetings per year only for one client 

100s of days

Of staff time saved across key business processes

Over 20,000 words

QuickAction can read through and summarise in minutes  

Unlimited users

Unlimited users and templates to scale across your organisation

Delivering positive impact to social workers & citizens

The Adult Social Care Suite enhances the precision communication for citizens regarding their care while elevating the front-door experience. Our GenAI-powered tools can enable the councils to swiftly respond to care assessment referrals, fostering heightened responsiveness and efficiency.


From Our Clients

These voices echo the confidence and satisfaction of clients who have witnessed the positive outcomes of our solutions.

Game Changer Technology!

“Agilisys Transform's GenAI productivity platform 'QuickAction' has been a game-changer for our secretariat team, enabling us to streamline our processes, improve our outputs, and free up time for more value-added work."

Sue Symington
Chair at Humber & North Yorkshire ICB
Great Customer Support!

“QuickAction is an important part of our journey to fully embracing the power of GenAI, and we’re excited for the road ahead with Agilisys as we expand to further teams and use cases.”

Alison McKenzie-Folan
Chief Executive at Wigan Council

Innovate with Confidence

QuickAction optimises a wide range of use cases. For example, while your communications team can create content, your executive team can get digestible takeaways from lengthy reports.  

Eliminate business admin

For a single client, we slashed minute-taking time by 50%. QuickAction delivers rapid results, freeing up valuable time for your business.

Efficient EHCP Management

Over 67,000 EHCPs written annually? With QuickAction, draft EHCPs in minutes. Cut EHCP creation time from hours to mere minutes, ensuring compliance and efficiency.

Rapid Survey Response Analysis

Save hours of time for processing and analysing survey responses. QuickAction can produce detailed thematic and semantic reports for survey responses in minutes, saving 97% of your time and improving public engagement.

Frequently Asked Questions

QuickAction Knowledge Hub


QuickAction is a tool that enables you to use AI tools in a secure, scalable environment. Rather than one-off, siloed activity, you can build repeatable templates and frameworks for workflow optimisation.

QuickAction is suitable for all business tasks that are time consuming and repetitive. We like to think of QuickAction as the newest member of your team, when given detailed instructions, the platform is able to create a high-quality detailed output which would’ve otherwise taken hours to be done in minutes.

There are no upgrades to your subscription! QuickAction is regularly updated free of charge to maintain security, improve performance, and enhance user experience. Updates are rolled out with minimal disruptions, and users are notified in advance of any significant changes or scheduled maintenance.

All input data is end-to-end encrypted and cannot be accessed by Agilisys or QuickAction. The data is processed by QuickAction’s secure model within the Microsoft Azure tenancy, ensuring all data remains within the UK.

There is not a word count limit for input data! When the word limit of input data is above ~18,000 words, the system will prompt you asking if you would like to batch by keywords or to batch by size but the whole input is considered when the output is created.

Yes, you can upload your own templates, we would recommend these to be uploaded as reference data. These documents can be used to tailor the output to match the tone, format and style of your company!

Yes, these documents can be used to tailor the output to match the tone, format and style of your organisation. We recommend they as detailed as possible to be the best possible output from QuickAction.

In AI and machine learning, a "prompt" refers to the input given to an AI model to generate a response or perform a task. For generative AI models, a prompt is typically a piece of text or a set of instructions that guides the AI in creating content or answering a query.

Generative AI works by leveraging machine learning models, particularly deep learning models like neural networks. These models are trained on large datasets and learn patterns within the data. They then use this understanding to generate new, similar content. For example, a text-based GenAI platform such as QuickAction can used to create pieces of content when sample data, a format and a prompt is provided.

QuickAction offers dedicated customer support for any technical issues, product assistance, and general inquiries. You can contact the support team via email at