Uncover how QuickAction saved hundreds of days of staff time for Wigan Council, boosting productivity and leading innovation in the public sector.

“QuickAction has catalysed a huge amount of excitement and enthusiasm for incorporating GenAI technology into our day-to-day here at Wigan Council.” says Alison McKenzie-Folan (Chief Executive, Wigan Council).

Discover how Wigan Council leveraged QuickAction, powered by Agilisys’ GenAI platform, to streamline business administration processes and achieve significant time savings. Dive into our case study to explore how QuickAction revolutionised operations, enabling the team to focus on high-value work.

Through the implementation of QuickAction, the Council achieved remarkable results:

  • Piloted QuickAction across its Strategy & Innovation and Adult Social Care directorates
  • Now at over 100 users across the council with new use cases being identified and developed every week
  • 400 days of work to be saved annually for business administration use cases

Download the full case study here.

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    Wigan Council
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    Public Sector

Humber & North Yorkshire ICB’s Productivity Journey with Agilisys QuickAction