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We offer you market-leading GenAI products and coach you throughout the process to realise the benefits of AI straight away. With 25 years of experience and a team of over 1,000 skilled professionals across the UK, we are a trusted leader in delivering AI solutions tailored to the needs of healthcare, government, and other public sector organisations.

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EHCP uses Generative AI to produce a first draft EHCP for the case worker to review, saving precious time that can be focused on improving outcomes for children and young people.

  • EHCP case drafting
  • SEN case worker efficiency

QuickAction is a secure process optimisation platform with a wide range of use cases, enabling repeatable GenAI prompts and outputs to help your teams build useful tools for your organisation.

  • Automate Processes
  • Private ChatGPT Access
  • Save and Share Prompts
  • Summarise Documents
NAVA GenAI Chatbot

Our intelligent GenAI chatbot transforms the front-door experience for local authorities. It offers council-specific guidance and information to citizens and dynamically gathers information to enable intelligent triaging of citizens according to appropriate service, team, and urgency levels.

  • Intelligent GenAI Chatbot
  • Digital Front-door
  • Dynamic Information Gathering
CURA Social Care Chatbot

Our CURA chatbot is helping social workers save time in triaging, plan drafting, and prioritising case assessments, resulting in more efficient processes and reduced waiting lists.

  • Intelligent GenAI Chatbot
  • Summarise Care Assessments
  • Intelligent Triaging
Freedom of Information (FOI)

Dealing with FOI requests is labour-intensive and time-consuming. The Agilisys FOI Response tool assists your teams in the triaging and preparation of responses, automating formatting, exemptions and redactions.

  • FOI Response Assistant
  • Automated Formatting
  • Analyses Exemptions

Our Sectors

Discover how Agilisys is making a difference in key sectors such as healthcare, social care, and local government. From improving patient care to enhancing citizen services, we're dedicated to driving positive change in communities across the UK. 

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  • Local Government

    • Enhancing citizens' well-being by empowering local government
      We work with public service leaders to identify and implement technology that transforms their organizations. Our focus on efficiency helps councils reduce costs and free up staff time to better serve citizens.
  • Social Care

    • Enriching lives via social care advancements

      We deliver innovative digital technologies to enhance care delivery, support self-managed health and wellbeing, and increase the capacity of social care and health services.

  • Healthcare 

    • Healthcare transformation through digital technology

      Improving lives by enabling innovation in healthcare. We partner with healthcare organisations to enhance efficiency, elevate patient care, and enhance the experiences of their dedicated staff through cutting-edge digital solutions.


From Our Clients

These voices echo the confidence and satisfaction of clients who have witnessed the positive outcomes of our solutions.

Game Changer Technology!

“Agilisys Transform's GenAI productivity platform 'QuickAction' has been a game-changer for our secretariat team, enabling us to streamline our processes, improve our outputs, and free up time for more value-added work."

Sue Symington
Chair at Humber & North Yorkshire ICB
Great Customer Support!

“QuickAction is an important part of our journey to fully embracing the power of GenAI, and we’re excited for the road ahead with Agilisys as we expand to further teams and use cases.”

Alison McKenzie-Folan
Chief Executive at Wigan Council