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Reducing the Administrative Burden

EHCP Plus significantly reduces the administrative burden associated with EHCP creation, allowing staff to focus on more impactful work. Our platform uses generative AI to produce a first draft EHCP for the case worker to review, saving on average 5 hours per plan. Nationally, based on 2022 EHCP figures, this could release over 40,000 days of professional time back into the SEND system.


Simplified process

EHCP Plus reduces the administrative burden for SEN professionals


Instant Drafts

Generates EHCP drafts in minutes to meet 20-week statutory timeline



You can input council specific plans and get tailored plans for your needs


GDPR Compliant

EHCP Plus meets all UK GDPR requirements including storing data in the UK


Unlocking Efficiency with EHCP Plus

EHCP Plus is a product of true public sector collaboration with Outcomes Matter Consulting, Datnexa,, and GovMetric. Codeveloped and codesigned with LA colleagues from Autumn 2023, EHCP Plus meets the real needs of the public sector.

5 hours saved

per EHCP – enabling workers to focus on the child instead

40,000 days

of professional time back into the SEND system is estimated


of plans supported until now, bringin huge benefits to the LAs, Children and Families

90% reduction

In EHCP summarising time

Innovations that empowering Local Authorities: for Better Community Support

Let Us Create Meaningful Impact.

At the heart of EHCP Plus is a shared vision to address long-standing EHCP delivery challenges, including backlogs, delays, and poor outcomes for families.


From Our Clients

These voices echo the confidence and satisfaction of clients who have witnessed the positive outcomes of our solutions.

Game Changer Technology!

“Agilisys Transform's GenAI productivity platform 'QuickAction' has been a game-changer for our secretariat team, enabling us to streamline our processes, improve our outputs, and free up time for more value-added work."

Sue Symington
Chair at Humber & North Yorkshire ICB
Great Customer Support!

“QuickAction is an important part of our journey to fully embracing the power of GenAI, and we’re excited for the road ahead with Agilisys as we expand to further teams and use cases.”

Alison McKenzie-Folan
Chief Executive at Wigan Council

Support Children

EHCP Plus optimises EHCP creation process.

Eliminate business admin

EHCP Plus, with Generative AI, reduces the time needed for EHCPs and helps to meet 20-week timeline

Efficient EHCP Management

EHCP Plus drafts EHCPs in minutes. Cut EHCP creation time from hours to mere minutes, ensuring compliance and efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Agilisys' EHCP Plus utilises AI to support professionals, not replace them. It analyses vast amounts of data to suggest best-practice recommendations for EHCP creation. These suggestions are based on evidence and can be tailored to fit the specific needs of each child. This ensures accuracy even in complex cases.

Agilisys prioritises data security. EHCP Plus adheres to strict data privacy regulations and ensures that user data is securely stored.

EHCP Plus is designed for seamless integration with existing education health and care (EH&C) plans and case management systems. Agilisys offers technical support to ensure a smooth transition. Minimal technical changes are typically required.

AI automates administrative tasks, gathers relevant data from EHCP assessments, and suggests evidence-based recommendations. This frees up professionals' time to focus on personalised assessments and building relationships with children and families.

No, EHCP Plus is not meant to replace professionals. It is a collaborative tool that empowers professionals with insights and automates repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus on the human aspects of creating EHCPs.

o Improved efficiency: Automates tasks and streamlines workflows. o Enhanced accuracy: Provides data-driven recommendations for educational health care plans. o Personalised care: Frees up time for professionals to focus on individual needs. o Consistency: Ensures best practices are followed in creating EHCPs.

AI analyses vast amounts of data to identify patterns and suggest relevant support options, leading to more comprehensive and effective assessments with a faster turnaround time.

Children and young people aged 0-25 with special educational needs (SEN) that require support beyond what is typically available in a mainstream setting.

The process can vary depending on your local authority. Agilisys does not currently determine eligibility for EHCPs.

EHCP Plus is currently in a pilot phase with a limited number of local authorities. For a wider rollout timeframe, please contact us.

Yes, EHCP Plus is designed to adapt to regional variations and integrate with local authority templates for EHCP plans.

For inquiries about joining the pilot program, please contact us at